This post has been on my mind for several days, but I was reminded of it while standing in the local CVS today.  There at the window was a sign: H1N1 flu shots are here!  Yay!  Might as well have said, “You’re stupid!” as federal health officials prepare to burn 40 million doses of the swine flu vaccine.  Excellent, right where the garbage belongs–in the incinerator.

This is just the latest chapter in the crock called swine flu.  Last week the Associated Press reported that 25% of swine flu vaccine stocks were preparing to burn, $260 million worth.  Add to that another 30 million doses that will expire soon and it totals 43% of the U.S. supply.

And to this I say: BRAVO America!  You did well on this one.  Didn’t fall for the sham of the new century.  Yes, yes, health officials have claimed it was “better to be safe than sorry,” thus overstocking was the prudent thing to do; however, word is out that World Health Organization (WHO) swine flu experts had financial ties to companies that stood to profit from the new pandemic.

You don’t say…government health officials linked to $$$?  Health emergency declared by “scientist” that stood to profit?  Well bite my H1N1.  Good job keeping your eyes open, America–keep them that way–there’s still much to see.

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