Two sisters in Sylmar are wanted in connection with the death of a 22-year-old woman from an injection of silicone into her buttocks.  The women allegedly ran an illegal cosmetic fillers business, and were investigated as recently as last month after several other women complained following silicone injections into their faces or butts causing them to fall ill.  The victim died of respiratory stress.

Sisters, Guadalupe Viveros, 53, and Alejandra Viveros, 50, are now on the lamb, as police suspect they might have fled to Mexico.  The 22-year old woman, Mayra Lissette Contreras, of Pacoima died Friday.

The sisters were taken into custody June 21 for practicing medicine without a license, police said. They were held on $20,000 bail before being released.  They are thought to have a long list of clients in the Sylmar area, officials said. Alleged victims are asked to contact detectives at (818) 834-3115.

Women, be careful of illegal cosmetic “enhancement” rings.  If it ain’t a doctor or registered nurse–don’t f*#king do it!

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