Low back pain can be caused by tight hip flexors.  The hip flexor muscle group is made up of the psoas, iliacus and rectus femoris (part of the quadriceps) muscles.  When tight, they pull the low back into a hyperlordosis, or an over-arch.  This causes pressure on the lumbar disks, leading to pain and stiffness of the low back.

The hip flexors can be loosened with a simple runners stretch.  You can do this at home finding complete low back pain relief, or it might be a good temporary fix before you get in to see your sports chiropractor.

Watch the video below to see the proper way of stretching the iliopsoas, or hip flexor complex.  If you need a good Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood sports chiropractor, check here.

2 Responses to Runners Stretch for Low Back Pain Relief

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    what if your lower back was tight and needer to stretch lower back around the lumber area ?

  2. Ah, great question. I find that the low back can feel “tight” as a result of a number of different low back muscles. It’s one reason we still need doctors, to figure out the source of the problem. But believe me one day we’ll be able to program algorithms into robots or computers to figure it all out. All that to say there is no easy answer to this question. A good sports chiropractor should be able to figure it out and give you a solution, but it is this complexity that makes the lower back one of the most tricky musculoskeletal areas to treat.

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