Stop the presses: German porn star “Sexy Cora” died last week after undergoing her sixth breast augmentation.  The porn actress, real name Carolin Berger, went into a coma on January 11, 2011 following the breast enlargement surgery.  Apparently she suffered two heart attacks during the procedure; she was 23 years old.

The BBC reports that Berger was increasing her silicone implants from 18 oz. to 28 oz.  The two surgeons who performed the operation are being charged with negligent manslaughter related to her death, according to prosecutors.  The Hamburg clinic where she underwent the procedure has released a statement saying the doctors deeply regret Berger’s passing and are saddened by her death.

“Sexy Cora” was also known for being a contestant on the German version of “Big Brother” in 2009.

I’m not reporting this story simply because I’m obsessed with breasts; instead I see it’s relevance in the face of an inordinate increase in the number of breast augmentation surgeries performed every year (for kids, too).  Although we tend to think of these operations as “routine”–or in other words, harmless–I think it’s important to make note that any invasive procedure comes with risks.  Yes, 23-year-olds can have complications related to surgery.  That’s why the doctor’s office has you fill out the forms that say, “I understand I might die.”  OK, just as long as you understand.

Yes, yes, yes…relative to the number of breast augmentation surgeries performed every year, the risks are very low.  I know, I get it.  And of course, that was her SIXTH such surgery!  Which is another point I think is relevant: Just like tattoos, breast enlargements can be addictive.  Nevertheless, these are points to consider if you are thinking about getting a boob job.

Listen, I’m no morality pusher…do whatever the hell you please.  But consider this: Trying to “improve” yourself surgically is a perception issue.  Feeling less attractive, low self-esteem, or the unable to wear the clothes you’d like, or whatever other reason women have for changing their chest sizes, won’t go away just because you increase your breast size.  You might escape your self-criticism briefly, but eventually, if the mental component isn’t addressed, you’ll be back to square one.

Nothing else explains six breast augementations by the same person.  And frankly, doctors performing more than three breast augmentation surgeries (I want a boob job; I want to go back to natural; No, I really liked my boob job–I want another) probably should be responsible if something goes wrong; otherwise, who is going to be the level-headed one?

Don’t expect the porn star to play that role, doc.  RIP “Sexy Cora”.
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