Spent a great evening with clients a couple weeks ago, talking about the big thing in the neurological sciences today: Neuroplasticity, the ability of the nervous system to shape itself.  We had good food, some laughs (mostly at me) and a discussion about how people control their development in every area through their nervous system.

Neuroplasticity is an unconscious mechanism for most, but we all utilize it whether we do so to our advantage or not; and we are doing it all with the nervous system, particularly the brain.

I discussed how we habituate by doing the same unconscious actions repeatedly.  I also discussed how we can break old habits and create new ones neurologically by practicing some useful and interesting techniques. 

I will be writing much more on neuroplasticity in the future.  Just suffice it to say that our Dinner with the Doctor event in West Hollywood was a success.  With a little chiropractic, neurology and mind thrown in…and, of course, some olive oil…you’ve got the makings of quite an evening.  I’m glad my brain created it.

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