Got a call from an old friend the other day, said he tweaked his knee pretty badly.  He said he was trying to avoid surgery, but his doctor thought it might be necessary because he probably tore his meniscus.  I asked what tests and diagnostic imaging the doctor had done and he said, “None–I just showed her where the pain is.”

“Listen, I’m not saying you don’t have a torn meniscus, because I wouldn’t know that without seeing you and doing some tests to make that evaluation; but by the way you’re describing it, it might not be,” I told him.

He asked if there were any stretches one could do to rehab a knee.  My response was that seeing a doctor that understands sports injuries was the probably the wisest thing to do, and preferably an orthopedist or West Hollywood sports chiropractor; but I told him I would cut a video showing some preliminary stretches that would be part of a knee rehab regimen.

I want to caution anybody watching this video that doing these stretches with a recent knee injury is not advised without the supervision of a doctor.  However, saying that, once inflammation has been controlled and any instability stabilized, stretching the muscles I show in the video should do wonders to open the knee joint up, preserving the knee.

Finally, these stretches are good for non-injured people too, so if you are looking for an excellent knee-opening regimen, try the stetches in the video; I guarantee with a little diligence, you’ll be truckin’ like an old pro.  There ya go, Pauli.

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  1. Avatar simon says:

    i live in UK , 58 year old male- have vague diagnosis patello-femoral trouble in knee and from MRI lateral meniscal tear. Physical therapists not too bothered and i’m left o my own devices to “do what i can do”. I think it is slowly, so slowly getting a bit better and I have tried this exercise – and i’m fine doing it. couple questions: 1) does the body face forwards or turn towards the rotated foot? and 2) how important is it to keep knee moving in direction of foot i.e. over the foot and is it important not to move knee infront of toes as some say – obviously with your exercise, movement is quite small and this not so much an issue. Many thanks for any comment

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