Low back pain can come from many sources, but one common cause is tight hip flexors.  The hip flexor complex is made up of three muscles–the psoas major, then iliacus, and the rectus femoris of the quadriceps femoris group.  The psoas and iliacus together form the iliopsoas complex.  The hip flexors do just that, they flex the hip.  In people that sit a lot, or those that do either excessive or incorrect abdominal exercises are prone to developing hip flexor tightness or spasm

When the hip flexors get tight, the pain is referred down the low back, in a longitudinal pattern down the side of the spinal column.  The best thing to do to get immediate relief is to visit a Los Angeles sports chiropractor.  For the long-term solution, however, you will want to stretch and lengthen the iliopsoas and hip flexor complex.

One thing to be cautious of is the spasmed or hypertonic psoas.  A person–very often a flexible female–can have long hip flexors, but have a muscle spasm happening in either the psoas or iliacus muscles.  This can be very painful, particularly in the hip region, front or back.  In these instances, the person will need to see a sports chiropractor or physical therapist (or a good massage therapist) to have the spasm released.

Watch the video below to learn one of the best hip flexor, iliopsoas stretches available.  Have fun and stretch daily.

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5 Responses to Los Angeles Chiropractic: Lunge Stretch for Tight Hip Flexors

  1. Stretching is very helpful for everyone to do before they ever get into this position. We usually wait until we are older, less flexible and stiff.

  2. Karyl Miller says:

    Love your videos and tweets. Suggestion:wear a t-shirt and bike shorts or leotard type clothes in a light color so we can see better what your pelvis and body are doing exactly. You can hang your MD shirt on that hook behind you.

  3. pamela smith says:

    Wow! Fantastic video. I have suffered from this pain a long time and never realized it was so fixable! I was born with bi-lateral hip displasia and was born breech! So as of date have had 7 hip sugeries. Now both are replaced and two years ago I had a second replacement on one side after 16 years. I am relatively young..52 and was confused with this new pain I had immediately afterwards. I started doing Zumba and stretching and I feel so much better! I stopped listening to the drs that encouraged me to be happy that I was still mobile. I wanted to feel much better and not stiff and was so tired of the back pain. I am convinced most of my pain has been due to lack of knowledge in stretching. Even the PT didn’t figure it out! Thanks so much. You have helped me to correct my form in doing this stretch. I wish that the ortho drs would put more emphasis on re-hab after the surgery than they do. They tend to scare their patients into being so careful that they miss out on a happy life. Be active..be happy and feel so much better!!

    Thanks again,
    Pamela Smith

  4. Enrique Pasion says:

    Thank you for this article on how to properly execute lunge stretchers in targeting the hip flexors. Very informative and helpful.

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