Last month I showed you a great stretch for the hip flexors, specifically the iliopsoas muscle.  The high lunge stretch I demonstrated is excellent for hitting the lower fibers of the psoas, while also engaging some of the iliacus fibers as well.

The stretch I demonstrate in the video below will round out hip flexibility by stretching the upper fibers of the psoas muscle.  When done correctly, you should feel the stretch up higher into the belly and high groin areas.  You will also need to do a pelvic tilt, so mastering that move will be key in getting the best stretch of the psoas.

Remember that the psoas muscle is a major player in some low back pain syndromes, very often causing a referred pain along the sides of the spine, and could go up as high as the lower mid-back.  The psoas as a source of low back pain is often missed by practitioners, who’ll work on the low back muscles, unfortunately to no avail.

Always the smartest thing to do if you have low back pain is to go see a doctor–preferably a sports chiropractor.  But if you know your psoas is tight and playing a part in your low back pain, then by all means do this stretch.  If stretching the psoas doesn’t seem to provide any relief, then make sure you get in to see your chiropractor right away.

Watch the video below to get the best instruction of stretching a tight psoas muscle.  And for those of you that know this stretch–yes, it is also know as a “runners stretch”.  Enjoy.

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