I don’t usually care for commercials, but they got me on one today. I usually get pissed when I have to wait five seconds to skip an ad…and those sly marketers did it. The simple headline, “Tips From Former Smokers,” grabbed me. What? And from the opening line–it’s genius!

“When you got a hole in your neck, don’t face the shower head.”

Bam! Powerful. And it keeps getting better. If this ain’t a deterrent for smoking, man, nothing’s gonna stop ya. Yeah, it worked for me.

Listen up, school boards…play this CDC video for every kindergarten, grammar school and high school in the world if you want to deter smoking. Make them in different languages. Don’t hold back, show the kids–you’ll probably decrease new smokers by fifty percent. G’head–dare ya. And tell ’em Campos told ya.

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