I reported last year on the totalitarianism being practiced in the State of New Jersey with regard to mandatory flu vaccinations. Well, this story ain’t over…

Last December New Jersey’s Public Health Council passed a policy that all children aged 6 months to 5 years were mandated to receive the flu shot (along with the pneumococcal vaccine) in order to enter preschool or day-care centers. The policy takes effect this fall: parents have until December 31st to inoculate their children.

Well, if you read my post on the subject last year, you know that I find this mandate a blatant violation of civil rights. It’s downright disgusting. Vaccinating children with the useless flu vaccine (or with any vaccine, for that matter) should be a parent’s choice, not the state’s. And hundreds of parents and activists in New Jersey agree with me. A crowd of them congregated outside the Jersey Statehouse yesterday denouncing the mandate and supporting a bill that would allow a conscientious objection option to opt out of giving the vaccine to their children.

I have to ask one question: Is this country going frickin’ crazy? I hope this insanity is confined to the Garden State only and doesn’t catch on elsewhere. I fully support the citizens over there, subjects of the Fourth Reich. When our medical institutions get so powerful that they become the authority on all things, including our personal lives, then you know it’s damn well time to create change.

We are hearing so much about change right now as a result of the Presidential elections, but my guess is that change will not come quickly from that office. Change has to come from us, the people, the citizens of this country. And we need to put our feet down and stop this mandating health policy stuff, especially when it comes to vaccinations. Don’t give me that “public health at risk” nonsense: If the damn flu vaccine works so well, then the people who choose to receive it and to give it to their children have nothing to worry about. They’re protected, right? Isn’t that the point? It’s all political and financial BS–better believe that.

Listen to concerned mom, Barbara Majeski of Princeton, N.J., who says, “Mother Nature designed our bodies to be able to fight off infections through natural means — you need to be exposed and develop immunity. We’ve just gotten a little too overprotective with our children.”

Amen, sister. Fight on, New Jersey–lots of us support you.

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