Low back pain is the most common ailment walking, er…limping into my Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood chiropractic office. Of all the spinal regions of the body, the lumbar spine, or low back is the most complicated when having to determine the source of pain.

Low back pain can be musculoskeletal, meaning from the joints, muscles or tendons (other tissues, too, but mainly these); or it can be from organic causes. Organic causes of low back pain include, but are not limited to cardiovascular disease, cancer, digestive disorders, kidney stones, and sexually transmitted diseases. Every one of these requires medical attention.

If your issue is caused by a musculoskeletal problem, then nobody better than a chiropractor to help relieve your low back pain. Chiropractors address more structures and tissues than any other bodywork specialist. We adjust the joints, work out muscle tension, strengthen weak muscles, lengthen short/tight muscles, and correct foot dysfunction. Furthermore, chiropractors are doctors, which means you’ll get an accurate diagnosis AND treatment that goes beyond a drug quick-fix (I’m not knocking it, just clarifying the difference in solutions) in the same office (no out-referral).

When it comes to assessing and treating low back pain, nobody does it better than a chiropractor. Watch the video below to see a chiropractic adjustment for low back pain in action. If you are having low back pain, especially if it’s been around for awhile, do not hesitate, go see a chiropractor for a real solution.

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