I have seen the future of exercise, and I can’t say I like it.  Aerobitexting seems to be all the rage.  Tonight, I observed 50% of the people in the gym playing with their smartphones while doing something that resembled working out.  Gawd…am I the only one who finds this dorky?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just from the old school, but…doesn’t exercise warrant…focus???  OK, if watching a YouTube video demonstrating stretching, an exercise or something like that, then I get it.  Useful technology making life more productive…yeah, I’m all for it.

But texting…reading e-mails…facebooking?   D’-or-key…with a capital D!  And dangerous, too: exercise does require focus; in fact, if want to increase your risk of injury in the gym, just lose focus–it’s almost guaranteed.

Listen, this ain’t new.  People have been doing distracted workouts for years.  Boob-tubes attached to cardio equipment, computers on stationary bikes, and my all-time favorite: reading a novel while huffing on the treadmill.  Whatever.

WTF is so important that you can’t sweat your nards off without checking the latest tweets(Puff, puff) Oh boy, Justin Bieber’s trending right now!

Yep, I’m from the old school: When I go to the gym, I work out–that’s it.  Go figure.

*If you’re reading this while on the treadmill, pump your fist in the aiy-er.  Oops…sorry.

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