Clicking at the knee is a common complaint walking into my West Hollywood sports chiropractic office.  Although a couple sites on the knee are potential origination points, I find that the most common area of occurrence is at the kneecap (patella) itself.  Knee clicking coming from the knee cap is usually painless, but it can eventually lead to breakdown of the cartilage underneath the patella itself, which can be painful.

Despite being painless in the early stages, knee clicking can be disconcerting, so those experiencing it want answers.  I’ve cut the video below to explain clicking knee coming from the patella.  In a nutshell, knee clicking comes from a tracking disorder of the patella on the femur and tibia on bending and straightening the knee.  The disorder is usually due to a muscular imbalance of the quadriceps muscles, specifically the vastus lateralis, which gets strong or overactive, and the vastus medialis, which gets weak or under active.  The vastus lateralis, being the strong one, will thus pull the kneecap toward the outside of the leg on knee extension leading to a…”click.”

The way to fix knee clicking is by strengthening the vastus medialis relative to the vastus lateralis.  Watch the video below to see the best exercise to correct clicking knees due to a tracking disorder or muscular imbalance.  Remember, not fixing your knee clicking problem can lead to future degeneration, pain and disability, so start exercising now to click no more.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Very helpful! Will work on this exercise to help the clicking!

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Great advice, I tried these exercises and the clicking stopped, thanks

      • Avatar Doug G says:

        Dr Campos,
        Good info. My knee is clicking, no pain, likely due to my increase in running with my deployment to Kuwait. Question – can I continue to run while I do the strengthening exercises mentioned in your video? Running is therapeutic for me and I hate to give it up but don’t want to cause further damage. Thanks, Doug

        • Avatar Jo says:


          Thanks for such useful advice. I am also keen to know if I can still run while my knees are clicking like this, there was no pain when it started, a very slight discomfort now after I climb stairs, but I’ve had this for 2-3 weeks now. I used to horse ride a lot but haven’t been riding much recently, and have been running and cycling more. This could explain the clicking then as I’m using different muscles? Might be time to get back on a horse! Thanks!!

          • Avatar Susan says:

            I have a similar issue and am Ironman training right now. I’m getting by running and cycling and find that massaging outer quads helps a lot as well as IT band foam rollering. I have also ordered McDonnell tape – hoping this helps with the patella alignment, avoiding damage while my VMO strenghtens

  3. Avatar Haja says:

    Thank you for the exercise..I have been having clicking problem in my right knee lately and have been doing this exercise for 2 days now. just want to ask that when ever I try to do this I hear noticeable clicking noise. Is it ok to continue and I am also planning to go gym to strength my knees..what kind of exercise can be used to strengthen those muscles?

    • The exercise in the video is the one to do, Haja. You have to make sure that the clicking is actually coming from the knee cap itself for this exercise to be of any value.

      General strengthening of the quads? I like walking lunges.

  4. Avatar Bereket says:

    Hi Doc Nick,

    I recently started running & perhaps I might have
    overdone it, I shortly began to notice both of my knees
    clicking (but more noticeable on my right leg). So now I’m
    taking a rest and trying out your excercise too.

    On your clip, you advise to squat only about 10 degrees,
    which I did but couldn’t feel the stress in my inner quad
    muscles. How long or how many times should I repeat this
    excercise before I see any of its effects?  

    And when I squat a little more further (say 15 to 20
    degrees), I notice my knee clicking. Is that how it should
    be? Or shall I just squat no further than 10 deg.?

    One more excercise that I found helpful is to squeeze &
    hold a pillow with both legs bent while lying on the floor
    for few secs and then repeat again & again. I do feel the
    stress in the inner quad muscles with this excercise – what
    do you think about it?

    Thanks a lot; you have a very informative website.

  5. Avatar sally says:

    my bad knee clicks a lot while i do this excercise, should this be the cae?

    Thank you

  6. Avatar Linda Walsh says:

    Hi Dr. Nick, I have 4 kids (12,10,8,2) and started belly dancing for exercise 7 mo. ago and asked to perform in shows now. Discovered my hips are out of whack (pain in lift hip) and as I do belly dancing hip rotations, the left knee started clicking and sometimes it shoots down to the left ankle. No pain (yet) but I will try your exercise advise. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, rolling out my leg with a foam cylinder roller, massaging hip and knee with a percussion massager, taking Epson salt baths, and stretching too but the click always comes back. I will be getting an x-ray in a couple weeks to get a better picture of what’s going on. Thank you for your tip. I will let you know how it goes.

  7. Avatar Marina W says:

    My daughter is 9 yo, she is level 3 competitive cheerleader. (practices are 3-4 hours, can do standing back tucks etc) She has painless knee clicking, but they feel weird and are usually really loud. Dr Nick, do you think I should b worried? Thanks!

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Hello Marina. My criteria to treat anybody musculoskeletally for any ‘problem’ is whether or not they have pain. ‘Feeling weird’ can be a variety of things from bone growth to occasional unconscious bumps/tweaks, but without pain I don’t believe in messing with the body (it knows what to do and when to do it).

      Further, I am wary about treating children for sports injuries in general, unless there is a frank issue that can be helped by bodywork. A child is growing and so I believe in just letting their bodies do their things without my or anybody else’s interference. Saying that, however, I still advocate wellness chiropractic care for children, because when joints lock up (subluxations) it can be a detriment to complete and free expression of the innate life force. I received my first chiropractic adjustment at seven years old, and I have been adjusting my two daughters since birth, to give you an idea how strongly I feel about this health practice. To me its as important as regular dental care for both adults and children.

      If your daughter does develop pain in her knees then you should take her in to be evaluated by a chiropractor or pediatric orthopedist, but barring that I’d just let her body do its thing. Thank you for asking.

  8. Avatar Satish Kumar says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am a Software Engineer and i need to sit 8-9 hrs a day and perhaps that’s why I have been having clicking problem in both the knees (more in right one) since couple of months back. I just started doing the exercise after watching the video. Whenever I try to do this I hear very less clicking noise (not always) and knees got warmer but it gives me some kind of relief and i feel better. I do this exercise couple of times a day whenever i got some time from my busy schedule. I just want to know how many times a day this exercise needs to be done to get quick relief while taking the whole day sitting work into account. …. Please advise

    Satish Kumar (India)

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Well you haven’t said whether you have pain or not, so when you say relief are you talking about from the clicking solely?

      What I am describing above is a muscular imbalance and so to tell you how to improve it quickly is equivalent to me telling you how to get physically fit quickly…it just doesn’t exist. Do the exercise every day and you should correct the imbalance over time if that’s what in fact you have. Other than that, if you have pain, then you really need to be evaluated by a doctor.

  9. Avatar Ellen says:

    Wow… I have clicking in both knees that seems to be this, and this is the ONLY place on the Internet that doesn’t just say “Oh, if it doesn’t hurt, don’t worry.” It’s loud and embarrassing and I want it to stop, so I will try these exercises.

    I also have clicking in my ankles sometimes too. Could it be related? It all seemed to develop at the same time.

  10. Avatar Maximus says:

    Thank Dr Nick you for this great video! I have a couple of questions about how to do this exercise:
    1. Is your back supposed to actually be leaning against the wall? (If not, why stand up against a wall?)
    2. For the foot that is on the ground, are you supposed to be up on the ball of the foot or is the entire foot supposed to be planted flat? (I instinctively tend to bounce on the ball of the foot.)
    Thank you again!

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Thank you for the comment, Maximus.

      Very few people have the balance to be up on one foot for any length of time, let alone doing a movement, so the wall is for balance. Technically, yes, you could do it without a wall…

      Foot should be flat as I can see being up on the ball becoming a calf movement and not vastus medialis **(I instinctively tend to bounce on the ball of the foot.) **Precisely! Flat foot.

      Have fun!

  11. Avatar keshari nandan says:

    i’m a twenty years old boy. i always haer some pooping sound in my both knee specially during sit-ups .i have this problem from 4-5 years but it is pain less. is there is anything to warry? should i do running for constantly 3-4 minutes

    • admin admin says:

      Don’t poop while doing shit-ups…that will make anyone wary…especially if runny…

      Sorry but couldn’t resist 🙂

  12. Avatar Michael says:

    Hi NIck,
    About two days ago my knee on my right leg started to click. I have no pain when it clicks, but I fear that this is something bad and I want to get it fixed before this upcoming football season starts. Do you think that I could have tore something, or is it not that serious.

    • Avatar Michael says:

      Also the clicking is coming on the side of the knee cap

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Hey Michael–the first thing I want to say is that you can’t get a proper diagnosis from a blog post on the internet. Next if you are ever worried about something then you would be wise to see a sports chiropractor or ortho, especially since you are an athlete. However, saying that, there are a few things I can tell you. If you “tore something” you would have pain, guaranteed. Any damaged tissue is going to hurt–that’s the incredible magnificence of our bodies. Clicking without pain is usually not problematic, and if you are feeling it from the knee cap, then it could be an imbalance as described in the video. Try the exercise I demo in the vid, and VISIT A DOCTOR if you are truly concerned of an injury. Thanks for the question, Michael.

  13. Avatar mithun says:

    dear dr how many reps and how many sets should i do this

  14. Avatar grantbeard says:

    Hello Dr. Campos,
    How often do I need to do these exercises ? I’ve been doing 12 reps, 3 sets in a row, each knee, twice a day for a few weeks. I had a problem with my right knee, it has helped, but now I’m thinking do I keep doing it everyday, every other day, or stop? Also went to the gym, and did the knee press, it has helped I think. No more clicking, but a little popping. Thanks for fixing me long distance! You are the best!

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      That’s perfect, Grant. But you really should get any knee problems checked out–could be something else going on too [possibly your iliotibial band (ITB)].

      Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for visiting my site.

  15. Avatar tham says:

    Dear Dr.Nick,

    I have very loud clicking when I do leg raise lying down or running up the stairs but with no pain. I might have plica syndrome too. I wonder if my clicking is due to the weak Vastus Medialis muscle also because my clicking come from the same place that you are pointing in the video. Thanks!

  16. Avatar harbir says:

    I tried this exercise and it didnt help. what a waste of time

  17. Avatar Amir says:

    Hello Dr.
    My left knee clicks when it is completely bend at 180 degrees, like when I sit down on the ground. I feel a ligament pops from the centre to the outer part of the knee. Could it be the same issue as you described? Thanks!

  18. Avatar Claudia says:

    Hello Dr Nick
    First off thank you for the info and vids =)
    I am a thirty year old female who 6 weeks ago injured my knee whist squating down. I felt only pain that didnt allow me to bend. Few days after rest and elevating my knee and wearing a brace im paim free. However when ever I straighten my leg from a bend or when bending there is a click that wont goaway the last 6 weeks.
    what do you suggest Dr Nick??

  19. Avatar Julie P says:

    Thank you for this valuable video. I have had clicking in my knee and also pain in my right foot/right side. I wonder if the two are related? I did this exercise today and will continue and hope to have good results. How long should I continue this exercise in hopes of having results before you suggest I see a doctor?

    I can see you care about people and appreciate the advice!

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Knee clicking can be at the patella, which should be helped by this exercise. It can be at the side of the knee, coming from ITB. If you have pain, I’d suggest seeing a doctor now. If you are in Los Angeles call me. Thank you, Julie

    • Avatar Bart says:

      Great post. My knee clicks almost every time I straighten my leg just at the very end of straightening it. Is it possible that there could be a miniscus tear causing a clicking? It has been like this for almost 2 years and it all started after regular and practice for 1 leg squats. Could squats lead to muscle imbalances that would further cause clicking?

  20. Avatar Charmaine says:

    How many times a day should this exercise be done and how many reps.

  21. Avatar warren says:

    Hi Dr Nick Campos,

    Good video, and im sure to perform these exercises.

    my knee clicking is on my right knee and now i seem to be getting aching on the inside of my knee, which again appears to be cohesive with your explanation of pulling the knee to the outside, therefore stretching the tendon on the inside.

    im just wondering what causes this? i have played football (soccer) all my life, on average 2 -3 times a week, i am 26 years old and have never had the problem before, but it seems to have developed fast over the last 6 months or so.

    many thanks


  22. Avatar Krishan says:

    Recently whenever I squat or do a lunge when I’m stretching I get immediate pain in my knees (mostly right) so if I try to bend down I can’t as it hurts even more and feels stiff. I have absolutely no idea what it is as I have never had a knee injury before.

  23. Avatar Nicola says:

    Hi, I’m so glad I came across this site. For over a year I’ve had clicking in my knee but only happens whenever going up stairs. I was wondering how many times a day to do this exercise?

  24. Avatar Cathy says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! My problem happened recently, while experiencing long term plantar fasciitis (lf. foot), and hiking downhill, my rt. foot cramped, and my rt. knee kind of collapsed! Ever since this episode, my rt. knee has been clicking when extending the lower leg/and going downhill. Feels like it is catching!? Any thoughts on plantar fasciitis (sorry, off subject), and will try this exercise & lunges. thanks much

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Sounds like your IT band…and if so, this exercise won’t help. Also sounds like you may need custom orthotics. That would benefit both plantar fasciitis and ITB syndrome. See a chiropractor or podiatrist.

  25. Avatar anonymous_gurl says:

    My knees click regulary each day, they soometimes hurt whilst other times they don’t. Earlier this evening, I ws swimming and suddenly whenever I tried to bend my leg it hurt. Please reply!!!

  26. Avatar Kerryn says:

    Thanks I will give the exercises a go and try and loose some weight to reduce the pressure on my knees. I recently changed jobs from being on my feet all day to sitting at a desk. The cracking has just started today in my dominate knee only.

  27. Avatar Ganga says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
    I am getting clicking sound in knee cap since 5 months. If i stand 2 minutes and suddenly moves then clicking happen and its only 8 to 10 clicks, moving is very discomfort. After 8 to 10 clicks my knee become normal and moving freely no clicks. This happen only when i stand after moving.
    Can you tell me why its happening and this exercise suits for me?

    Thanks – Ganga

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      If it’s in your knee cap, then yes, very possibly. Always best to get your knee evaluated, but no harm in trying this exercise…and if it is, in fact, your problem, then this should clear it up.

      • Avatar Ganga says:

        Hi Nick,

        Thanks for earliest reply.
        So how many days and how many repetitions i need to do daily?
        One more interesting thing i am not getting clicking sound in both knee simultaneously. I am getting alternative like if i get right side then no in left side. Vice versa.

        Thanks – Ganga

  28. Avatar John C A says:

    Very interesting site and helpful exercises that I will be trying out as I’ve only had a clicking knee joint (with intermittent “shout-out-loud” pain!)
    Something I noted from reading all the comments is that in the main the popping/pain affects the right leg rather than the left!
    In my case the popping knee problem with pain only occurred after I’d taken 10minutes to walk a distance that under normal circumstances would have taken me 20+ minutes (and the fast walk included going down steos, then over a bridge, walking up steps, then up a steep slope, and then repeating all of the ups and downs in reverse order (and no, the reverse order didn’t mean that I did it backwards!)
    Although it is my intention to try your exercise, I think that I’ll get the knee checked out first by my Doctor, but thanks to your useful information, I’ve already learned more about the muscles in my leg and how they can affect the knee than I’d previously known or realised.

  29. Avatar Ganga says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for earliest reply.
    So how many days and how many repetitions i need to do daily?
    One more interesting thing i am not getting clicking sound in both knee simultaneously. I am getting alternative like if i get right side then no in left side. Vice versa.

    Thanks – Ganga

  30. Avatar Redd says:

    To Nick,
    Iam not sure if I am talking about the same issue as you because whenever I kneel or squat, my knees click and it’s super loud and very embarrassing. Also, how many times/days do you have to do the exercise?

  31. Avatar DR says:

    Thanks for the very useful post regarding kneee clicking. I do alot of sitting during the day-however I have been doing alot of standard squats lately and maybe the outside of my quads are getting targeted more than the inside quad muscle-this clicking has only recently started and my whole leg on the right side has alot of muscle knots which I only recently noticed today. I am sure that this tightness must have something to do with pulling things out of balance and probably my knee cap.

    I am going to try and focu on strengthening the inner muscle of my quad…*fingers crossed*

    thanks again..

  32. Avatar Bhadri says:

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for this awesome post.
    My knee clicks only while bending,not while straightening.Any idea why?

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      There could be a number of reasons – get it checked by a sports chiropractor or orthopedist.

  33. Avatar Hector Scott says:

    Hello Dr. Nick

    Like many here I have a click in my knee (left) when I bend it at-always happens at the same angle. Both extending and contracting.
    I have taken up rowing recently and am hoping its imbalance of the muscles.
    If the patella is misaligned what is the click coming from? Will the click make things worse?

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      The stronger vastus lateralis pulling the patella across the femur laterally. Yes it could lead to chondromalacia patella. But really you should get it checked, particularly if there is pain. However, if there is no pain, and the click is coming from the patella (not the ITB – side of knee), then this exercise will probably fix it.

  34. Avatar chetan says:

    Sir,my knee click while I am bending and pain come and go away… Dr .says no problem because of loose joint..i doing u told exercise having refief …is it serious x.xay joint structure if fine

  35. Avatar Nicole says:

    Is clicking the same as crackling, cause the way I explain my knees is that when I squat down to pick up something and bring myself up, my knees crack are these exercises good for that too?

  36. Avatar Janette says:

    Only clicking in right knee. Started walking 3 months ago 2-3 miles a day 4-5 times a week and zumba once a week .It started clicking when going up stairs only. How many times do I do this excersise and and how many times a day?

  37. Avatar Tal says:

    Hi Dr. Campos,
    I appreciate the video and I will definitely try the exercise. I had ACL reconstruction surgery using the patellar tendon 2 years ago. Also messed up meniscus and scratched cartilage. I have had cracking for a year now. I have to crack my knee every 5 minutes to relieve pressure and sometimes there is pain. When I play sports it swells and I will sometimes feel pain. When I am walking the pressure and discomfort will build up so much that I have to stop and like rub my knee. I went back to my surgeon three times, and they did an X-ray I believe maybe an MRI as well. He said nothing is really wrong but the cartilage and meniscus from the first injury. He won’t operate on me, and each day it gets worse. He also won’t give me a clear answer. The popping is very audible and everyone can hear it around me. It’s also embarrassing to have to throw my foot back to pop it. I was wondering if you had any idea what in the world it could be?

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Thank you for commenting, Tal – go visit a chiropractor; you may need a tibial adjustment, and a good chiro can also evaluate it if something else needs be done.

  38. Avatar Juan says:

    Hello Doctor Nick Campos
    Im a runner, I usually run 40 miles per week most of them on the mountains, I have ran 60 miles ultramarathons without any problems.
    Recently I noticed a little “clicking” on my right knee when flex it but I feel no pain at all, just the little noises. I feel like tendoms moving in different way form the other knee.
    What could it be?
    My age 30, 171 pounds, 5.8feet
    thank you

  39. Avatar Erik says:

    Hi Dr. Campos,
    Thank you for the wonderful website! I am 26 male, my knees click every time I bend in my legs to a certain point(not audible, but it feels strange, not painful, just not comfortable.) When I straighten my legs, my knees click every single time. (Sometimes very audible, usually not painful, just feels strange.) However, I absolute hate to not be able to straighten them when I need to, such as stuck in the back seat of a car or on an airplane. During this time, I do feel slight pain in the knee. I believe it is in the center of the knee, on top. I feel what I would describe as ‘pressure’ building up in my knees. What I believe caused my knee problems was when I was 10-15 years old, I would stand up on my knees instead of relax on a char when using the computer for hours at a time. Also, 18 hours on a plane ride and not taking enough stretch breaks when I was 12.

  40. Avatar Lorraine says:

    Hi Dr. Campos,
    Just came across your website after doing a search for knee clicking/cracking. I will try want you recommend, but do you know/have any exercises that can be done while sitting at your desk? Thank you.

  41. Avatar luv says:

    Hi doc. My both knees clicking from last 3 years and now one started a little pain. What to do plz answer

  42. Avatar shivam shukla says:

    Hi nick.
    actually i have problem in my leg.whenever i sit there’s a sound of pop came up from my knee joint . To overcome on that i started running but still there’s not to much effect came out from this. so i required help from you could you please suggest me some more suggestion’s and exercise on this .
    please must reply doctor nick.your well wisher shivam shukla

  43. Avatar John says:

    I am 20 years old. I have popping inside of knee in very last degrees of extension..And when I rotate my leg internally and extend knee, in very last degrees (probably last degree) I hear 3-4x continuous pops/clicks. It feels like femur was rubbing against tibia, I don’t know if’s possible, because I have this issue only for 4 months.. I also have hip clicking at the very outer side of hip when I walk. And my ankle is creaking. My whole left leg from hip to foot is clicking. I have all of these after really simple knee surgery after which I was expected to be 100% in 3 weeks (hoffectomy and plicectomy). Now it’s 4 months after surgery and it is much worse than before surgery. Before surgery I had only mild pain. What could be wrong?

  44. Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

    Please understand that this post is not meant to diagnose your particular problem. To answer the load of questions I get asking me to diagnose this or that problem, here is my answer:


    If I ignore(d) your question, then just reread the three words in capital letter above. Thank you for reading, but I cannot answer your question of what to do other than go get checked by a doctor. This post is for educational and instructional purposes only.

    • Avatar John says:

      I SAW, but he doesn’t care!!! That WHY I am asking YOU. He just says: “do everything you want, it’s only your feeling, your knee is okay.” He doesn’t even do proper examination. He is like: “I’ve done surgery, now it should be okay.”

  45. Avatar Raneen says:

    Visited a doctor a few weeks back, and he told me to look for such exercises.
    Found exactly what I was looking for here.
    Thank you!!

  46. Avatar Basha says:

    I am a sprinter. I have clicking sound with some pain and I am actually undergoing for practice. Is it ok to continue or I have to stop???
    And give me some tips to overcome this injury….

  47. Avatar sanya says:

    Since few months I have pain on my one knee..when I sit on floor I hear a click sound and also feel a bone hurts bad..i have 25 vit d level..doc just gave me vit d tablets..but I m in pain..please do reply

  48. Avatar Maria says:

    Hi my name is Maria I have a question I have sometimes knee pain in my knee always cracking when I walk upstairs or downstairs what could I do to fix it?

  49. Avatar Dwiti says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am 28 years old. I am HLAB 27 positive and have Spondylo arthritis. I had total hip replacement last April 2015. Since, then I have noticed a consistent right knee clicking and popping sound without pain; when ever I stand up from couch/any lower sitting This popping sound does not hinder me to walk nor I limb. I am just worried if popping sound in right knee is sign of any symptom. Please advice.

    I would try your exercise and update the post back.

  50. Avatar John says:

    Super advice! The noise from my knees hasn’t been painful, but was concerned that it may become painful as the years go by. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  51. Avatar yesenia Casas says:

    Hi Doctor, a couple of months ago I was diagnosed with 2 heel spurs very painful. My concern now is that 3wks ago I started with clicking on my both knees you think is from my heel spur? I exercise regular as well .Hope to hear from you soon

  52. Avatar Dave Lee says:

    Hi, my knee clicks and is painful at the outer edge of the pattern during descents and all the time if I try to run. Is all this a son of faulty kneecap tracking and if so will tracking straps help alongside the exercise.

  53. Avatar Trinityever says:

    Thanks for your video, i have been working on strengthing this muscle for about 3 months, and i’ve greatly improved my leg strength but the clicking still remains, should i go see a doctor and what kind if yes.

  54. Avatar Carlene Domangue says:

    Dr. Nick, I am going to try the exercise. I wished I had did this research when this clicking first started, but now it has went into terrible pain in my left knee, sometimes my right. My question is, will the exercise still help now that I have went into the pain stage? Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Greetings Donahue – you need to see a doctor and have your knee evaluated. These videos are for educational purposes, not diagnosis. I also cannot diagnose you over the internet, and thus I cannot advise you either. All the best – thank you for visiting and commenting.

  55. Avatar Aldo McJohnson III says:

    To everyone here asking questions and not getting answers. This guy is the only person to offer free advice to address a common problem. You want personal advice specific to your own problem? How about offering the equivalent of an office visit as compensation. That is only fair. You expect him to take the time out of his day to answer everyone’s individual issues for free? why should he? He’s already been kind enough to offer this free advice to everyone. Imagine if this advice fixes the problem – do you think it might be worth some compensation? Especially if you didn’t even have to leave your house? This is the only place I have seen that suggests a solution. My knee has been popping for several months now. My right leg, when I straighten it – just before it is fully straight (basically what the majority of people are experiencing). At first, just very disconcerting, now it is just becoming irritated. I wouldn’t call it painful yet but it feels like its getting there so I will do these exercises. If they work, you bet your sweet ass I’m going to send him some $$ for this solution. If it allows me to work without pain and continue to play sports – clearly worth the cost of an office visit at the bare minimum. If you want consultation over the internet or by phone, pay him for his knowledge and time. sheesh.

  56. Avatar Dipak says:

    Hi Dr. Nick. Its actually other way around for me. My outer side of the muscle i.e. lateral lateralis is weak and the inner VMO is well developed. But it still clicks for me. Do I have an exercise routine to strengthen my Vastus lateralis. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  57. Avatar Hooriya says:

    Hello, I’m a 17 year old girl. Both sides of my family have knee problems. I’ve had this clicking sound for as long as I can remember and recently I started working out, doing intense exercises and now my right knee has started hurt. Not all the time but a slight throbbing usually getting worst randomly. Is there any exercises for this particular case? Or do I go visit a doctor? Because I really don’t want to stop exercising.

    Thank you so much for your time, can’t wait to hear back from you.

  58. Avatar Ashok says:

    Hi Nick
    Nice to meet you by blog posting..

    I have clicking sound in both legs and in the knee areas below region. And I have scuff muscles pinging up in the knee back side.not only in the legs area also near upper side of my knee also. More severe pain is there is there when scuff muscles get scrolled and for that second or minute I can’t do anything. Any way I will try ur exercise but I don’t have pain while tik sound come. But I m more worried about scuff muscles pinging over in sleep and many times while I sit ideally.. I was early a sport man but for last three years I stopped sports activities too. So can you give any exercise for scuff muscles getting caught in legs. It is for all peoples in my homes
    So please do the needful. Better u can give a mail so that I can in touch with you.

    With regards

  59. Avatar Nadia Rahman says:

    I’ve had Jumper’s since 4 months but I’ve realised recently and am seeing a doctor. However, I have noticed that during the 4 months, my knees started cracking very frequently with audible popping sounds. Should I be concerned?

  60. Avatar Jo says:

    Amazing, so simple and it works! I can start running and cycling again and not get worried 😀 thanks!!

  61. Avatar Ashley says:

    Dr. Nick, watching this video and reading all the comments gives me hope that the clicking will go away. I am 21 years old and gained over 100 pounds in a matter of a year…I am trying to go to the gym and shed this weight but because of this weight, the clicking has started only in my left knee and does not hurt but it really embarrasses me. I have also developed planters fasciitis. I am so physically unhealthy right now, as I have never been this heavy in my whole life. I get winded even walking up one flight of stairs…I won’t be able to talk until I use an inhaler. My hips aren’t aligned and my joints sometimes ache. Do you think I will be able to recover from these ailments if I lose all my weight? And for the time being do you think investing in seeing a chiropractor is something I can benefit from? I also just recently applied to be on the biggest loser. I really need it. I’m so unhappy. Do you think rigorous physical activity is something I should be doing right now? I have spoken to my doctor and my moms doctor and have gotten such different responses. Any insight would be great. Thank you for your time (:

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Hello Ashley – this video describes only one type of knee clicking. If, in fact, the clicking is coming from elsewhere…and it may be hearing about the plantar fasciitis…then this exercise may not help you.

      Yes it is worth investing to see a chiropractor, but unfortunately, finding the right one might be a challenge, as our scope of practice is wide and thus allows for great diversity in chiropractic practitioners. Not that this is a bad thing, but you may need one that focuses on sports injuries.

      Biggest Loser – very unrealistic way to lose weight which will be nearly impossible to maintain. I have a friend who was on the second season. He gained most of the weight back. He is now a trainer and lives by a particular lifestyle, which is far more realistic. I understand his experience of gaining it all back is the norm. If you work toward developing certain lifestyle habits, you will change – maybe slowly, but surely – in a far healthier way. Easier said than done? Always…in every endeavor. So what – do it anyway.

      Hope that helps.

      **If you are in Los Angeles, you can contact me. All the best.

      • Avatar Ashley says:

        Yes that did help. Thank you so much! Glad I mentioned the plantar fasciitis…I am now looking for a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries in my area. I am from New Jersey, so if I somehow do make it on the show… I will definitely be visiting you in Los Angeles. Again… thank you for your time. I really do appreciate it! (:

  62. Avatar Sam says:

    I am 23 years old and have clicking in both knees. However, this is not when im walking, rather it is when I sit down. If I sit down for a while and out stretch my leg, I get a popping sensation until I get a click. After this click im ok for about 15 mins and the sensation starts again. Do you have any idea what this could be? Could this be down to muscles being too tense around the knee?

  63. Avatar Danny says:

    Hello Nick, my right knee clicks, just from right side, when I bend it seems something little round thing click, it’s doesn’t heart while running and skipping but when I do squats it does, I went chiropractor but they said it’s just tender, can you please help me


  64. Avatar Dan says:

    Thanks for the great info, all explained in an east to understand fashion. The video is especially helpful!!! All specialist doctors should be doing this.

  65. Avatar Randy says:

    Dr. Campos,

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to get over some knee pain for the past month (from an unknown source–maybe my cycling or vigorous yoga or creeping age, which is creeping faster), and found your site. The description of the problem seemed to fit (I recognize that a number of problems can manifest in a more limited set of symptoms), so I stood and tried the exercise. The left (good) leg and knee . . . easy to do the shortened squat. The right (bad) leg and knee . . . I almost fell over it felt so unstable! Hmmm . . . maybe that’s a clue?!?!? (Ha, ha.) Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and posting this. I’ll start adding the squat (on both sides) to build up the vastus medialis.

  66. Avatar Shelby says:

    Hey there! I just want to make sure that doing these exercises will help my situation. On my right leg, whenever I’m stretching my legs out, as I straighten it fully, it’s as if the ligament behind my knee (towards the medial side) clicks into place and causes a quick sharp pain and if I stay stretched, it will stay a bit painful?

    Thanks for reading!

  67. Avatar Yeshwanth says:

    Hello Dr. Nick… I am 19 yr old active male footballer… I had my acl reconstruction done on my right knee 3 weeks ago…. I m experiencing clicking of my left without pain for the couple of days… Might it be due to overuse of the left leg… Should I follow this exercise? Tnx doc 🙂

  68. Avatar Ronaldo says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have been trying to research my own clicking or in my case “clunking” going on with my right knee.
    I finally entered a search that included the words patella, tendon and clicking and came across your article and video. I’m hoping I may have struck gold.
    The one thing that I would like to clarify is that my sensation of “clunking” is not audible when I walk, its a “clunking” that I feel resonate through my leg coming somewhere from the top slightly left of the knee cap.
    The knee has it’s fair share of light grinding sounds but I have no pain whatsoever just an annoying “clunk” that I’ve had for about a year now. Sometimes, it will be gone or diminished after a lengthy walk but always present when I first get out of bed and though out the day.
    Do you think my type of clunking is what you are describing?
    I do intend to start your exercises today to see if it helps.
    Thanks for your time and effort helping all of us.

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Yes it could be. If you are uncertain, however, I would advise getting checked. Thank you for reading and contacting me.

      All the best,


  69. Avatar abhishek sharma says:

    Hello sir..
    i had a ACL reconstruction surgery on 31.12.15. My knee is clicking now when i extend it… it wasnt there few months back…. and my knee pains also when i walk or flex my knee while sitting can u please help me ??? My age is 21. Im a male

  70. Avatar Michael Kennedy says:

    The outwardly rotated foot / single leg squat worked wonders.
    Within three days the patela was tracking normally with NO clicking !

    Thanks !

  71. Avatar Sardar says:

    I am a regular football player but since last year I leaved playing football due to injury on my right knee. when i straight or bend it clicking and popping comes out of my knee with pain. I can’t run because of my leg stability I don’t know what should I do. I am completely tired

  72. Avatar steve says:

    Have had a clicking knee (left) after rest. But discovered years ago that if I sort of push or even just draw it inwards (adduct it I think…sort of rotate knee in toward the other leg) it makes a single louder snap (usually painless) then doesn’t click at all.

    But this has been getting worse (needs side-push even after an hour or two sitting..) over time.

    I think it’s right below or under kneecap, centre.

    Thanks in advance for any insights yo u might have.
    Trying your stretches…

  73. Dr. Campos,
    My clicking has just begun recently but is on the left side (outer side) of the knee cap. Should i still do the same exercise as you suggest in the video?
    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      You should probably get it checked by a doctor. Sorry for the delayed reply; it must have slipped past me.

  74. Avatar Piper says:

    Thank you so much for a great video and instructions. This is super helpful. You are amazing for doing this.

  75. Avatar Josie says:

    Hi I have got terrible pain in my left knee, it is painful when it clicks. I had an MRI and the specialist told me I had a haemangioma on my knee cap, plus 3 cysts that he says have been there for a very long time. I am only able to walk using pain killers. My question is will this exercise you show help my problem. Any help would be great as all the specialist told me was it would take time and lots of it. Thankyou

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      I do not diagnose or use other’s diagnoses to render an opinion online. I am so sorry, Josie. You can show the specialist the video and ask him/her

  76. Avatar Makia says:

    Good afternoon Dr.
    I am relearning how to stand after in 2010 a dr making a mistake during weight loss surgery and I ended up in a wheelchair. I can stand with LOTS of help. I broke my femur when falling out of bed as well. God is still good! My question is what exercises or strengthening can I do from my wheelchair or the side of my bed? I can lift about 8lbs ankle weight on my left & 6 on my right. I broke my right femur if it makes any difference. The right knee is the one that’s making the noise & did not start until I broke my femur.
    Thank you

    • Dr. Nick Campos Dr. Nick Campos says:

      Greetings Makia – I appreciate you contacting me. The greatest challenge I have with questions like yours is that I have not seen you, I know only what you tell me here, and that is not always the ideal situation when it comes to giving advice. So I would say first and foremost that you need to consult with a professional – a chiropractor, physical therapist or perhaps an orthopedist. however, saying that, below (link) are exercises that could be helpful for somebody who is having difficulty standing or getting up to standing position. Whether you should do them or not would be a question you would have to ask your supervising physician. I just would have no way of knowing if they would be right for you without actually examining you and determining your parameters. Anyway, I hope that helps.

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