West Hollywood Chiropractor Knee Pain
Flexibility is important to joint health, and never more true than with the knee. While undoubtedly every person is different, most people can benefit from some form of stretching, as it is the most effective way to preserve the ‘openness’ of the knee joint. Watch the video below to see four increasing levels of quadriceps stretches. Find the one that’s right for you, and gently open the knee by stretching this main knee extensor regularly:

Flexibility is not the same as instability, so over-stretching is not recommended. Light stretching of the muscles surrounding the knee—which includes the hamstrings and calf muscles (gastrocnemius & soleus)—will do your knees a world of good.

*Some athletes actually perform better in tightness (power sports or positions), so consult with your athletic trainer if you are uncertain about flexibility/non-flexibility needs.

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